It took a long while, but finally CrazyClips is finished 🙂
In short: CrazyClips is a videoclip site linking to almost 5000 popular clips, where you can also listen to radio station and watch television.
The job: I had to rescript the whole site, this includes:

  • A videoclip archive
  • An AJAX-ed playlist feature (best viewed in FF)
  • Very secured flvlinks, the original link should be impossible to fetch by other clipsites when they are trying to rip the clipdatabase. (Mwuhaha!)

But actually the most beautiful part is serverside 🙂
With it's average of 3665 visitors and 13511 pageviews/day, CrazyClips is a very popular site. View some statistics here.

During this project I got more familiar with Flash, which was quite tough because of some encryption class that didn't want to work together with PHP.. after all it was fun ^^