In this blogpost I assume the world uses Firefox. If you're still using another musty browser, it's never too late to change your sinful life.

Imeem is a social media service where users interact with each other by watching, posting, and sharing content of all digital media types, including blogs, photos, audio, and video. The founder, Jan Jannick comes from the original Napster. Knowing Imeem's background history, we're ready to roll.


  1. To download music from (and other media sites), we have to download an additional firefox plug-in first. Imeem sends a header to its users to prevent music files to be stored in the local cache. It's the notorious "Cache-Control: no-store"-header.
    Install and enable the FireFox add-on BetterCache. It'll remove the vicious header and files will be stored in your cache.
  2. Use a downloadmanager, like Orbit (that's it!), or continue with step 3 for the manual way.
  3. Type "about:config" in your address bar and look for the key browser.cache.disk_enable, and assure its value is set to true.
  4. Fire up an execute dialog by hitting the windows key + R and type in "%USERPROFILE%".
    Next, navigate to the following path:
    %USERPROFILE%/Local Settings/Application Data/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles/*********.default/Cache
  5. Open up and try to play a file, wait till it's loaded completely (important if you want the complete flv).
  6. Locate the file you're searching for manually, its name prolly has the form of "9DDB6E15d01" and its size should be bigger than 2MB.
  7. Copy/Rename/(Convert)/Play


  • This method also works for any other media site.
  • If you want to cache large files you should set browser.cache.disk.capacity to a high enough value.
  • You can work with a downloadmanager for firefox to save your files (like FDM and Orbit). That way you don't have to look in the folder, searching in a haystack for the correct flv.